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Cpisolution is into Oracle database mentoring ,Oracle database Training and Oracle support

If your intention is to learn about Oracle datatabase then this is the page you have to be around

Oracle DBA Knows the following products * SQL
* Unix System commands to check performance, paging,etc Unix shell scriptng
* DBA commands for maintenance,performance tuning and vairous other features
* Data modelling tools erwin,rationalrose ,etc
* Various etl tools for a datawarehouse projects
* RMAN For backup and recovery and Rac for scalaiblity and backup recovery soltuion
* Every company will have a different challenge and requirment you will have to be flexible according to the requirment
* Oralce enterprise manager grid ,Oracle real application cluster,Oracle Patching,New features of oracle db
* Oralce Automatic storage management asm
* Apex role could involve involve,managing ,configuring,upgrading,etc

The rigorous process of becoming Oracle certified makes you a better technologist.
The knowledge you gain through training and practice will significantly expand your skill set and increase your credibility when interviewing for Career growth
97% of Global fortune 500 companies use Oracle Software
They need skilled technologist to implement,develop and administer critical system.
Learning these will make you a more marketable candidate

Salary advancement
More than 80% of Oracle Certified individuals
reported promotion,compensation increase after being certified
Oppurtunity and crediblity

Before you do this you need to be familar with oracle sql.
There is also oracle sql exam which needs to be given.
Then for oracle certified associate dba track you need to give the below exam
1z0-052 Oralce database 11g Admin 1
You have become a oracle certified assosciate.
Now lets focus on getting Oracle certified professional.
You need to do any one course from oracle authorised center
You can give the exam
1Z0-053 Oracle database 11g Admin 2
You are now oracle certified professional

First step for you is to be a oracle certified associate * It means junior dba
* If you are completley new to oracle see the button jouney to oca 1
* Note this is the database administration track br> * You need to know the database where your data is going to be stored ,migrate data, any advance programming you need to know it
* You can learn free through these videos ,etc
* As time progress we will add more facilities
* * We have released thsese older videos just in case you need to learn about oracle ,Also you can subscribe to our youtube channel

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